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After 14 years in the industry, I decided to share my passion for digital processes and utilizing practice data to drive performance and efficiency in private practice dentistry. 

Innovative Advisory Solutions empowers your team with the communication customized to their strengths and weaknesses and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed.  

Talk to us today about how we can support your growth and put you on a solid track for success.

IAS Approach


You know the importance of your patients having consistent exams, but when is the last time your practice had one?

Innovative Advisory Solutions provides one of the industries most comprehensive practice assessments that gives you the details of an inside look of your practice performance in everything from the usability of your software, communications within your practice and team, code utilization, fee analysis, missed revenue opportunities and everything in between.  

Our assessment is tailored to your specific practice and provides you a 30 page detailed report on areas that need attention and areas your are excelling in.

Anything from Hygiene specific growth and opportunity, insurance training and utilization to healthy leadership and communication skills, the Team at Innovative Advisory Solutions will provide the tools you need for success!

So next time you are educating your patients on flossing techniques and complimenting them on brushing, ask yourself when is the last time your practice had the same thorough exam.

That’s how we ensure your success.

Why Us?


Innovative Advisory Solutions is not a nationwide consulting firm.  We don't come into your office trying to "reinvent the wheel" nor do we believe you should be cut from the same mold as other practices.  

We pride ourselves on observing the current technology, processes, individual and practice uniqueness to enhance performance and strategies for your exclusive practice.   Our goal is to provide you and your staff the tools needed to have less work, more production and faster processes to grow your practice.

We pride ourselves on continuing education and staying current with the latest technology and software and tailoring your success to the uniqueness of your practice.


With over 10 years of software management experience, implementations, integrations, and mergers, we will assist you in any hurdle you have with modern dentistry.   Anything from implementing new technology or software, paperless assistance, or your latest upgrade within your current technology, Innovative Advisory Solutions is here to help.

 Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success. We didn’t get there alone. And neither will you. 

Additional Services

Practice Management Software


Do you ever wonder why the software you use is referred to as 'Practice Management Software'?  Let me tell you, it is because it IS supposed to manage your Practice through streamlined processes and boost of your practice.   But are you reaping the benefit of this or frustrated by it?  Your practice management software isn't supposed to cause you and your staff a headache or additional work.  It is supposed to work for you and grow your Practice.   

Most dental offices don't  know HALF of the capacities and functions within their current practice management software!

​Innovative Advisory Solutions helps get you back on the fast track with your practice management software.  With a knowledgeable Advisor who listens to what you want out of your software and focuses on how your unique office is run, you can unlock the power inside of your existing technology.

​Contact Innovative Advisory Solutions today for a free evaluation of how we can help unlock your digital world.

End of Year


Are you unable to get an accurate report at the end of the year?  Are you still counting paper charts to know your active patient count?  How can you know area's in need of growth if your practice management software isn't giving you the information you need?
​Just like your vehicle, your software needs maintenance and a tune up.  Digital patient charts need to be 'archived' or marked 'inactive', specific trends reports need to be analyzed and routine 'cleaning' of unnecessary or duplicate data needs to be deleted.  If you want your software to run smoothly and efficiently, you have to do the necessary work.  
​With Innovative Advisory Solutions, you have an experienced Dental Advisor that knows what is important for your office to know at the end of the year.  Your advisor knows how to tell the difference between an active patient and an inactive one.  Innovative Advisory Solutions is expert in finding duplicate or unnecessary data that is bogging down your software and making your day run slower.
​Contact us today for a year end 'Clean Up' evaluation that can save you time and money and get you operating faster! Dental Consulting in Grand Rapids Business Consultant in Grand Rapids

Ditch the paper


Many people think the switch to paperless will cost more, in terms of training, hardware and software.

And, while these expenses do exist ,the return on investment is enormous. For some dental offices you already have the necessary software to do the work.   The switch to paperless can pay for itself within a matter of weeks or months depending on the size of your office.  

​Paper is extremely time-consuming to work with as it requires a great deal of time and labor to organize and retrieve.  How about searching for those misfiled charts?   On average, dental staff spend about one hour per month searching for and replacing charts.  Searching for charts while a patient is on the phone or waiting in front of you is not an efficient process, where digital charts could have been instantaneously at their fingertips.  If this is the case at your dental office, the move to paperless could pay for itself within a month!  

​Does these sound like familiar struggles at your office?  Contact Innovative Advisory Solutions today to have a trusted and experienced Advisor assess your office for it's next step into your paperless world!

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Dental Pro's from all titles are talking

 I highly recommend Stephanie Smith and Innovative Advisory Solutions for anyone looking to organize the systems in their practice, improve efficiency and reduce the stress of running your dental practice. I started my oral surgery practice just over a year ago and I am so grateful that I was directed to Stephanie by friends and colleagues. One of the key things that differentiates Stephanie is her ability to connect with people. She has helped my team members grow personally and professionally by listening to them and coaching them. Consultants can sometimes cause friction in an office, but Stephanie is quite the opposite. She finds your strengths and knows just how to tease it out of everyone so that they can perform at their best! I'm so thankful for all her insight and look forward to all the great things to come with Stephanie's guidance! 

Mark Jesin DDS

Advanced Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Studio

Stephanie is wonderful to work with. She truly utilizes ALL of her skills and expertise to make a unique and individualized plan for your office and you as the doc based on your goals and desires. She is a coach to you. A coach and cheerleader for your team, helping each person find a fit that is purposeful and brings out their personal best. After having three other “consulting” scenarios in the last 6 years she is the fit I needed to help me organize and put into action each of those plans when it was the right time. She has helped  me unearth the leader I knew was within. Many other consultants try to use a cookie cutter approach that doesn’t necessarily fit every office or every doc. She excels at even helping young and inexperienced docs learn how to be smarter business owners and understanding the capabilities within their software and themselves. She has a way of truly seeing and hearing what your needs are. Highly recommend and endorse her services!

Meggan McCone DDS

Growing  Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

"I have come to know Stephanie as honest, dependable, incredibly hard working and possessing an unmatched work ethic. Beyond that, she is very impressive on her knowledge of dental software which is the best I have seen in my 20 years as a dentist.

Her knowledge of computers and expertise in the dental field has been a huge advantage in my office. During the time she has worked for me she was personally responsible for adding over $250,000 to my gross production. This was over a 40% increase in gross production. From an employer’s point of view, this is extraordinary.

Along with her undeniable talent, Stephanie has always been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true team player and always manages to foster postive discussions and bring out the best in other employees. She is a professional, organized and a fantastic team leader.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Stephanie. As a dedicated and knowledgeable employee and an all around wonderful person, I know that she will be a beneficial addition to your organization."

~Ellen Tavarone DDS

Lake Eastbrook Family Dentistry


In my 12 years of practice management, I have found that it is just as important to continually enhance practice management skills as it is to refine clinical skills. Seminars and courses have proven somewhat helpful, but we’ve achieved our most tangible results through the in-house service that Stephanie Smith has provided for us. We have benefited greatly from Stephanie's careful analysis of our practice, her periodic instructional visits, and her weekly phone consultations. Drawing from her years of experience in the dental field, Stephanie has provided us with very insightful advice and practical suggestions on matters ranging from internal marketing to patient scheduling to staff benefits. Stephanie has played an instrumental role in a buyout transition, software transition, insurance negotiations, and the list goes on. Her follow through is her best quality in my opinion. Stephanie's straightforward, credible nature generates solid confidence and trust. She has come to be viewed as a reliable advisor, not only by me, but by our entire staff, as well…All of us have come to appreciate her candid input on any matters regarding our practice. I would highly recommend Stephanie Smith to any dentist who is seeking solutions to specific practice challenges, or who is simply striving to improve the overall quality of the practice experience.

~Dee Carlisle

Midwest Dental Care, Director of Operations

 "I would like to take the opportunity to express how much Stephanie Smith, owner of Innovative Advisory Solutions, has helped me and my practice. She is very knowledgeable, and more importantly, extremely talented at sharing her knowledge in a way that best suits her customer.

I called Stephanie February 8, 2017 looking for help. I had just purchased my dental practice 3 weeks earlier and had planned 2 days of training on new equipment and charting software for my staff on February 16 and 17. The software company called to cancel, apologetically saying they had double booked and had nobody available to help us those days. What were we supposed to do? Close the office two more days? When I called Stephanie, she rearranged her schedule to help us out in a difficult situation. I was thrilled things worked out the way they did!

Prior to changing ownership in January, the staff at my office was accustomed to paper charts, film radiographs, and an appointment book. Stephanie helped us to give our office the huge push into the 21st century it needed. However, she realized the stress and anxiety these large changes can have on employees of an office. My office manager, Charlene, has done her job in a certain way for 30 years. Now she was being asked to do it completely differently. Stephanie was there to help her through every step. Charlene feels comfortable calling her whenever she gets into a bind. Instead of a transition characterized by stress and anxiety, my staff was excited about the changes and quickly realized how much more efficiently they could operate. The importance of this difference in attitude cannot be understated. Now, we are enjoying a seamless digital workflow including more efficient charting and scheduling and automated appointment reminders. The transformation is incredible. Even our patients have been impressed.

Of course, this letter is not intended to sell the services of Innovative Advisory Solutions, as it may sound I Instead, consider it a testimonial of how great of a service Stephanie provides. For a few short minutes, it seemed like a huge inconvenience when my software company cancelled on me with short notice. It turned into a great blessing. I can only imagine how difficult our goals would have been to achieve without Stephanie's help. Stephanie has also given me great insights on other improvements that I am hoping to make in the office. I look forward to a continuing consulting relationship with Stephanie and certainly the success it will help me and my team achieve!"


~Jake Miller DDS


"Her ability to increase productivity and

collections implement efficient processes and build office camaraderie make her a natural candidate for your organization.

In the three years that Stephanie worked with our office we saw an increased efficiency in our production. Stephanie evaluated our practice management software and our existing processes to develop an improved process flow and implement updated software configurations. She trained 18 administrative

and clinical staff on best practices. 

The most significant impact to our office was her talent of analyzing data and finding missed revenue opportunities

resulting in an 18% increase in gross production. Her critical thinking,

organization and project management skills made the project a success.

In addition to her exceptional skillset, Stephanie is a team player. She is

inclusive of others, forms working relationships at all levels and is easygoing, all of which helped her implement change management within our office successfully."

~Scott Singstock DDS

Stephanie is amazing! From helping us organize and prioritize with our materials and storage, to helping the team work smarter and not harder. She is a leader and it definitely shows! Her attitude is always positive and uplifting! I highly recommend her!

Samantha Jones

Evart Family Dental

 I highly recommend Stephanie. She has been a great help for my practice. She has an amazing attitude and she is full of energy. You can tell she loves her job and she loves what she does. I look forward to continue working with her. 

Bardha Krasniqi DMD

Dr. K Family Dentistry

"Stephanie with Innovative Advisory Solutions is remarkable at what she does! Her detailed  analysis reports provided us with accurate data to improve our practice!"

~Lacey Savaya

TriMed Services, Vice President of Operations


"Stephanie with innovative advisory solutions is amazing at what she does!

She is precise, thorough, and concise in her delivery of practice analysis reports.  Working with her is an eye opener!"

~Ivan Samano DDS

Bloomfield Hills Dental Associat

Stephanie is amazing and has been a huge help during a difficult transition process. She helped me identifying issues in my practice and worked with me to successfully overcome them. Stephanie is a superhero - she was always available and has a great network of people/superheros.

Bo Bojovic DDS

Highland Avenue Family Dentistry

I've had the privilege to work with Stephanie at a number of my practices and she has made a big impact in the areas she was  hired to address. In addition, I've found she's always willing to go above and beyond for the sake of the client. Off the clock Stephanie has her client's back! If you're looking for someone who understands the dental business and will work for you, hire Stephanie.

~Carrie Bott

Midway Dental, Business Development Representative